Project Description

Tooth Whitening

Over time the teeth get stained. Coffees, teas, foods and other drinks take their toll on the teeth over the years, causing yellowing or greying of the enamel. Smile again! If you are looking for that fresh white appearance, tooth whitening is a proven cost-effective way to improve the colour of the teeth, giving you a healthier looking smile. 

We offer Phillips Zoom whitening in-office bleaching. This safe but powerful technique eliminates intrinsic staining of both enamel and dentin. In as quick as 45 minutes, you can achieve an instantly whiter smile that lasts. No complex procedures or extensive restorations, just your own natural teeth. 

You can learn more about Zoom Whitening here:


What to Expect

If you are seeing Dr. Minkov for the first time:

  • Dr. Minkov will listen to your story and your requests for what you want to have looked at. A preliminary history of your previous dental experience. He will hear out your dental goals: any recent issues you may be having with your teeth or aesthetic changes you want to achieve. 
  • Dr. Minkov will have to do a full examination(link to routine exam) of your teeth and gums, including x-rays to put together a full picture of the current condition of your mouth, identify anything that may need treatment or prevention so that we can combine your goals, your past and present to recommend a way forward that fits with you. 

Need to Know

We accept and have a lot of experience with a wide variety of insurance policies. If you have questions about your coverage feel free to ask! Bring a copy of your coverage to our office on your next visit, and don’t forget your policy number!  


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