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Root Canal Treatments

When do you need one?

In the middle of each tooth is the nerve and blood supply that runs through the roots of the tooth. These nerves and blood supply can become inflamed or die if they become infected or the tooth experiences some form of trauma. If deep decay from the tooth reaches the nerve, the space becomes irreversibly infected. The infection can spread through the apex of the root and into the jaw. 

If your root canal space is infected you would know it. Patients usually report intense throbbing pain that can come about spontaneously or to hot AND cold food or drink. The pain usually lingers and can keep you up at night. Usually they start as a sensitivity to cold drinks and as the infection progresses, the symptoms worsen. Sometimes the pain can radiate to different parts of the jaw or even the opposite jaw. If the nerve is dead, you may not notice, and a dead tooth is usually identified on an x-ray. 

What is a root canal treatment?

First, x-rays of the tooth are taken to plan the treatment and evaluate the prognosis of success. Next, Dr. Minkov will gain access to the canal space and remove the inflamed nerve tissue, prepare and shape the canals from the inside using small files. This allows him to disinfect the inside of the canals and fill them with a rubber material that creates an inert seal. 

Why get a root canal treatment?

If a tooth is infected or the nerve is dead, the root canal treatment should be carried out. The only way to remove the infection is to open up the root canal space and clean the inside of the tooth out. Antibiotics may help control the infection for a few days, but will not remove the cause. The infection could spread out the end of the root and into the bone, causing pain and swelling, and eventually an abscess could form. The root canal treatment will save the tooth, which preserves the harmony of the dental arch, preserves bone and proprioceptive feedback.


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What to Expect

If you are seeing Dr. Minkov for the first time:

  • Dr. Minkov will listen to your story and your requests for what you want to have looked at. A preliminary history of your previous dental experience. He will hear out your dental goals: any recent issues you may be having with your teeth or aesthetic changes you want to achieve. 
  • Dr. Minkov will have to do a full examination(link to routine exam) of your teeth and gums, including x-rays to put together a full picture of the current condition of your mouth, identify anything that may need treatment or prevention so that we can combine your goals, your past and present to recommend a way forward that fits with you. 

Need to Know

We accept and have a lot of experience with a wide variety of insurance policies. If you have questions about your coverage feel free to ask! Bring a copy of your coverage to our office on your next visit, and don’t forget your policy number!  


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