Project Description

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best solution available to replace a single missing tooth, or multiple missing teeth. With an average survival of 25 years, implants are ideal for replacing both front teeth and molars. A titanium implant is placed in a pilot hole made into the bone and left to heal. The bone then actually fuses to the titanium implant, becoming one with the device. The implant then acts as the root, and a crown is placed on top to act as the tooth. Several teeth can be replaced by placing a few implants spaced apart, with a bridge connected to them. 

Implants are always the first treatment recommended to replace a missing tooth because of their longevity and stability, but implants may not be suitable for everyone. Each patient will need to have the quality of the bone examined for density and thickness, as well as the proximity of nearby anatomical structures like nerves or sinuses will have to be evaluated. A Cone beam CT scan will need to be taken of the area to aid in the treatment planning of implants. If there is insufficient height or thickness of bone, a graft will have to be placed first before the implant can be considered. 

Dr. Minkov has years of experience placing implants himself. The procedure is relatively quick under local anaesthesia. There is typically very little pain associated with post-operative healing. To learn more about dental implants click here:

Learn More About Implants

What to Expect

If you are seeing Dr. Minkov for the first time:

  • Dr. Minkov will listen to your story and your requests for what you want to have looked at. A preliminary history of your previous dental experience. He will hear out your dental goals: any recent issues you may be having with your teeth or aesthetic changes you want to achieve. 
  • Dr. Minkov will have to do a full examination(link to routine exam) of your teeth and gums, including x-rays to put together a full picture of the current condition of your mouth, identify anything that may need treatment or prevention so that we can combine your goals, your past and present to recommend a way forward that fits with you. 

Need to Know

We accept and have a lot of experience with a wide variety of insurance policies. If you have questions about your coverage feel free to ask! Bring a copy of your coverage to our office on your next visit, and don’t forget your policy number!  


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